All The Games That I Got In September Of 2020

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In this video of mine, I show y'all all of the games that I got in the month of September of 2020, and one game that I got in a month when I didn't buy that many games.

I show y'all three games for the Nintendo Entertainment System, one Sega Genesis game, two Nintendo 64 games, and two games for the X-Box 360 for the month of September of 2020. The game game that I only got in a single month was NBA 2K7 on the X-Box 360 on a month that I didn't get many games from.

Some of these games that I got in September of 2020 are some of the best games that I have ever played, specifically on three consoles, the Nintendo 64, the X-Box 360, and the Sega Genesis!

Most of these games came from the local flea market, where I got all of these games from. The one game that I got in a different month was at the Goodwill.

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