Super Mario Odyssey Random Gameplay Part 1 - Switch

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Uploaded by TheVideoGamer64 1 year, 11 months ago

#NintendoSwitch #Nintendo #SuperMarioOdyssey
In this video of mine, I show all of you an old video of mine. In this video of mine, I show y'all Part 1 of one of the greatest Nintendo Switch games ever made called Super Mario Odyssey! This was an early released game for the Nintendo Switch game console. It was released in 2017.

It is a very good game and I highly recommend it to everyone that has not played it yet. I have beaten this game before, but only 4 parts of my random gameplay of Super Mario Odyssey has been recorded from my channel on Social Media, I will be adding them all on this channel eventually.

This was originally recorded on my Nintendo Switch game console and added on my Twitter page on December 22nd, 2018. It was added to the public on all of my social media at the time on December 23rd, 2018. Now it is on here on October 8th, 2020.

I hope y'all enjoy this video of mine, if y'all did, feel free to comment, like, and subscribe to my TheVideoGamer64 channel on here to see more retro and modern gaming videos on here. Enjoy the video everyone and remember, KEEP ON GAMING! :)

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