CN EMEA handovers (to 2014)

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Uploaded by RandomMe98 2 weeks, 3 days ago

A video I made in 2014 featuring handovers from both CN EMEA/Africa and CEE. The 2006 CN to TCM handover and the TCM version of the Hatmaker handover with the TNT logo airbrushed out were only used in Central and Eastern Europe.

In order:
0:00 - handover to TNT (until 1996 I assume)
0:18 - start-up (CN UK/Europe)
1:17 - 1996ish closedown (including all versions I was able to retrieve at the time of the handover messages)
1:58 - handover to TNT that followed featuring The Hood by Steve Everitt
2:18 - CN to TCM handover (only used on CN CEE between 1999 and 2006, announcement in Polish)
2:37 - CN EMEA 2002 (the bumper was looped and was shown before the handover to TCM)
3:27 - CN EMEA April 21 to June 2006 (also used overnight on CN UK)
3:54 - CN CEE handover to TCM
4:13 - June 2006 to December 6, 2010 (CN CEE rebranded before)
4:25 - CN EMEA from December 7, 2010 to 2013/4 (stopped having the channel in December 2013, CEE and RSEE rebranded in November 2010)

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