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For The Paramount Home Video Feature Presentation Logo Made Over 64 Millillion Times Scarier
The logos that I will use after the film format screen are
1. THX Logo (either Regular or Horror Remake)
2. Paramount Pictures Logo Horror Remake
3. Nickelodeon Fish Logo Horror Remake
4. Klasky Csupo Logo Horror Remake
5. Viacom V of Doom Logo Horror Remake
6. CBS Broadcast International Logo (1987) Horror Remake
7. Echo Bridge Home Entertainment Logo (2005-)
8. CBS Fox Video Logo Horror Remake
9. Jerry Bruckhimer Films Logo Horror Remake
10. Warner Bros. Pictures Logo Horror Remake
11. Universal Pictures Logo Horror Remake
12. Tomorrow Entertainment Logo (1972) Horror Remake
13. MGM/CBS Home Video Logo
14. Spyglass Media Group Logo
15. Desilu Logo Horror Remake
The Paramount Feature Presentation Horror Remake I will use is RodneySystems2007's version.
If you have any suggestions, Leave your comments below.

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