Federal Signal Thunderbolt 1000T│East China, MI│4/5/2021

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Uploaded by Blixt1000 1 week, 3 days ago

The first recording of Chinatown's Thunderbolts... Oh wait never mind.
I got the opportunity of time to record one of St. Clair County sirens and I took that opportunity and I chose the only working siren in East China. This is an ex-Oakland County Thunderbolt along with the other 2 in Chinatown and the one in Wales Twp. . The other 2 and the 1 in Wales Twp., sadly don't work... Yet... Wales got a broken rotator so double duty on that one. I don't know why the Police showed up there. It was public property. They did not do or ask us anything soo..
St. Clair County Test On The 1st Monday Of Every Month @ 1:00PM.

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