AGK Episode #104 - Angry German Kid Goes To Buffalo Wild Wings

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Uploaded by AGKandvideomaker2000 6 months, 1 week ago

Leopold goes to Buffalo Wild Wings but a fed up employee of the restaurant denies him service, will he manage to get his order?

A long overdue episode that I had in the works since 2020 and after many things happening in my life and overall lazyness, it's finally here. I want to thank everyone for the patience of this episode and understanding the circumstances I went through, but at last, a new episode is finally here :D

Special thanks towards Travrinity for assiting me on the making of this episode, without his help, this episode wouldn't have been possible :)
Created by AGKandvideomaker2000
Written by AGKandvideomaker2000 and Travrinity (

Software used:
MAGIX Vegas Pro 14 - Overall editing of the video and composition of the scenes
Sony Vegas Pro 12 - Co-editing, frequently used to export audios
After Effects CC 2017 - Used in the animations of the episode
Photoshop CS6 - Creating the sprites and backgrounds and editing images
Macromedia Flash 8 - Creating the animations for the cartoony effects
Source Filmmaker - Posing models and objects, creating backgrounds from scratch
Particle illusion 3 - Creating effects according to the scene
Balabolka - Creating and exporting the audio of aditional characters
Youtube MP3 Converter - Obtaining the various sources seen in the video
Opera - Finding said sources
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