Movies That I Recommend Y'all To Watch Episode 1

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In this video of mine, I show all of you ten films that I recommend y'all watching at least once, twice, or even one hundred times! This is Episode 1 of my series called Movies That I Recommend To Watch!

Each Episode will start off with some movies that I recommend y'all to watch either on VHS tape, DVD, Blu-Ray or whatever platform of physical media y'all want to watch it on! I show ten movies in Episode 1 of my series that I show all of you in this video on VHS Tape, but y'all can watch them on any movie format and the movies will still be good!

This was originally recorded on my new computer and added to my TheVideoGamer64 channel on most of my social media on August 31st, 2020. Now it's on an awesome site called Tracle.TV on November 18th, 2020. I hope y'all will enjoy this video, well the rest of the series of this, and my other videos. If y'all do, feel free to subscribe to me on my TheVideoGamer64 channel on here to see more videos on here! Also, feel free to comment your thoughts on this video and like the video if y'all enjoyed it. Enjoy the video and remember, KEEP ON COLLECTING EVERYONE!! :)

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