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About SiberianStapler

Hi everyone! This is Noelia "PonySnowBall" R. (or PonSnow for short), But instead I use this channel for Aggretsuko-Like and Anime-Styled stuff!

This channel is the home for Retsagali VS Her Ridiculous Rage, An Aggretsuko version of the Monica'S Gang franchise where Retsagali and her crossover friends find new curiousities that some of them might be dangerous.

Along with other upcoming series'!

You'll also see these:
-Speed drawings
-Songs for other series'
-Video reactions

I'm currently a fan of almost everything, Mainly BlueSky Studios' Rio, Werewolves, Monica'S Gang, MLP/LPS, Peanuts, DuckTales, Object Shows, Furries, JewelPet, ETC!