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EDIT: FlufflyDokiHeffley has also an plush-video-making companion known as "SpookyKittenz" since August 13 in 2022!

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Hi everyone! Welcome to the awesome world of Senhora Retsagali, But instead I use this channel for
- Animation/Animatics
- Art
- LGBTQ content
- Voice Acting
- Impressions
- Speed draws
- Covers

I'm also known as the creator of the horror/adventure/fantasy/sci-fi-hybrid audio drama series called "Lil' OC's Fandoms Forever!", If you want to see it soon!

ALSO! If you are a small under-aged kid that created an account on YouTube JUST for a request, Let me tell you something. THIS CHANNEL IS NOT FOR KIDS (Which is the same thing like My Main Channel).
It contains censored bad words and a bunch of violence.
So yeah, Enjoy being here!

I'm also currently a fan of almost everything, Mainly Doraemon, Werewolves, Monica'S Gang, MLP/LPS, Peanuts, Disney+'s The Diary Of A Wimpy Kid, Object Shows, Furries, Friday Night Funkin', ETC!